“Facebook is Dying” - The Social Media Platform of the Past!

Why is Facebook dying the same slow death Myspace received? That is because in the Age of Digital Information, no longer is just sharing your personal information, art work, thoughts, & ideas the way of Social Media Platforms.

With other options like Torum where you can earn from doing exactly the same thing you do on Facebook including so much more. You can build a community around a specific Idea or common background or goals on a specific project your imagination is the limit here.

Your thoughts might be “How can I earn income on a social media platform?” Well on Torum your Posts, Shares, Comments & Likes on the platform are earning you native tokens of Torum the XTM. These tokens are planned to soon be listed for exchange later in the First half of 2021. Their plans were to have an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum network originally and they also are having an additional version on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why does a platform need a Native Token for their users to earn from their interations, Torum’s plans are to have its own DeFi, NFT, Marketplace, and an option to invest your XTM tokens back into to Platform with a cool Simulation game. Investing is the best option, when the project and Team that is delivering on their planned releases and are active within the Torum’s community directly. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to sell both the ERC-20 & Binance Chain version of the Tokens but as we all know that is not the smart investment.

With the NFTs and Defi hyping up right now, the room for growth is exponential, so it would only be natural to try and build a platform that not only can act as a Social Gathering place for people with common goals and interests. On Torum once the NFT marketplace and the Defi Finance front ends are released to the public and the XTM gets listed for trading I believe it will grow above and beyond what Facebook is today.

I am glad to have joined Torum early on for once I might have caught a break on the early investment on a project I find to be going to the moon. Just the other day I was on the exchange I use to trade crypto and was watching a whales trading bot jump in and out manipulating the prices forcing them up and down as they saw fit. And I was thinking to myself why don’t exchanges have a chat box or message board of sorts so you can tell people and warn them to stop trading on a particular asset and let the bots burn them selves buying their own sell orders. Trading bots only work if there are other bots competing against them and or if the human factor plays in the buying/selling.

I would love nothing more then to watch a Whale bot burn its self and lose a large chunk of its profits because it was both the highest and lowest bid, resulting in multiple stop lose triggers. In conclusion I believe Torum is finally heading down that direction where the Human community will be able to communicate and combat the lazy cryptothieves using their bots. Or I highly suggest No API trading bots in the first place, because in my personal opinion if you ain’t doing the work your self you’re just stealing from others and truly didn’t earn a dime your self and are apart of the problem with this world going down the drain. I feel all income earned from trading bots is the same as profiting off of blood diamonds, you may not have held the gun but you’re the reason un-ecofriendly crypto mining is happening, you’re the demand for their supply.

By Nathan “NahDizzy” Hoffman

Founder & CEO of InternationalIndigenousRising.com Organization, Single father, Human Rights Activist, and Part-Time Artist on my free time.